Primitive Technology with Survival Skills Making a Boat and Giant Fishing (looking for food)

Primitive Survival
Primitive technology: make a boat to cast copper hooks for giant grouper fishing
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About this video : We have invented a method of getting vegetation around the coast to build boats , boats are made from plants that have excellent buoyancy properties on sea water . In the beginning we cut a sizable amount of plants and tied them up into little bundles and then bundled the little blocks together and we built this amazing boat. The next work we performed took a small amount of copper that was burned in the previous project to cast the hook, first we made a mold for the hook, then we used the copper that was melted after many hours of pouring. into the mold to form a hook with high hardness. The next job we went to the wild sea on the way there we cut down a bamboo tree so we could make a fishing rod and vines to tie the hook. We did the test with the boat, it was really good for the 2 of us to sit on, floating very well in the sea. we scoured with our bare hands to catch the surface as bait for grouper fishing, as a result we caught a giant grouper to cook for dinner on a deserted island. Steamed grouper is our dinner , the meat is very fragrant and delicious .Introduction to Primitive Technology : Primitive Technology is a hobby where you build everything in nature completely from scratch without any problems . do not use modern tools or materials. Here are the strict rules: If you want fire, use a fire stick – An ax, pick up a stone and shape it – A hut, build one from trees, mud, rocks, and us went ahead with bronze casting and we have bronze axes, self-fired earthenware pots etc. The challenge is how far you can go without using modern technology. I don’t live in the wild, but love building shelters, tools, and more, using only natural materials. To find specific videos, visit my playlists tab for building videos that focus on copper casting, shelter, weapons, food, tools and machines, and home building.Everyone remember to interact, leave a comment below ^^ Thank you all for watching and supporting us..!

judul video dalam bahasa indonesia: primitif: membuat perahu untuk melemparkan kait tembaga untuk memancing ikan kerapu raksasa

название видео на русском языке: Примитивные технологии: сделайте лодку из медных крючков для ловли гигантского морского окуня.

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日本語のビデオタイトル: 原始的な技術:巨大なハタ釣りのために銅のフックを投げるためのボートを作る

título del video en español: Tecnología primitiva: hacer un barco para lanzar anzuelos de cobre para la pesca del mero gigante

Videotitel auf Deutsch : Primitive Technologie: Machen Sie ein Boot, um Kupferhaken für das Angeln auf Riesenzacken zu werfen

titre de la vidéo en français: Technologie primitive : fabriquer un bateau pour couler des hameçons en cuivre pour la pêche au mérou géant

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