Vermont: Floor Votes Expected this Week on Anti-Gun Bills!

Gun Rights

This week the Vermont House of Representatives is slated to vote on S. 209, also known as “Vermont’s Ghost Gun Bill.” This bill requires serial numbers on homebuilt firearms and firearm parts, and implements a sweeping ban on carrying firearms at all voting locations. NRA members and gun rights supporters are urged to contact their local lawmaker NOW and request they vote NO on S. 209. Click the TAKE ACTION button below to contact your lawmaker NOW.

S. 209 seeks to implement failed California-style policies that require serialization of firearm parts. The ambiguous term “ghost gun” is an invention of anti-gun advocates to restrict the gun-rights of law-abiding citizens. First and foremost, a prohibited individual is prohibited from owning a firearm regardless of how the firearm is assembled. This means that whether that possessed firearm was assembled in a factory, or assembled using a kit, it does not change the fact that possession of that firearm is a criminal act. If passed, this law would require law-abiding gun-owners to contact government agencies and obtain serial numbers whenever they purchase critical parts for their firearms. This will only impact law-abiding citizens because criminals will ignore this law and continue to obtain un-serialized firearms and firearm parts.

Additionally, amendments to S. 209 seek to ban carrying firearms at any voting location during active voting. This includes Election Day, early voting at town offices, and at drop box locations throughout the state.

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