The Scoop: Fri., April 26, 2024 Tampa bay and Florida headlines by WMNF

Gun Rights

Gateway Expressway opens

A long-awaited highway project in Pinellas County is on track to finally open this afternoon. WMNF’s Chris Young reports. that’s when drivers will be able to ride on the Gateway Expressway.

Insurance problems addressed

Florida homeowners face challenges with their insurance, leading to the highest property insurance premiums in the country. WMNF’s Kerilyn Kwiatkowski reports on an insurance roundtable yesterday in Clearwater.

Marion Hammer is no longer paid by NRA

Marion Hammer, a longtime NRA Florida lobbyist, is no longer being paid by the National Rifle Association. In an email to the NRA general counsel, Marion Hammer ripped into the NRA for suddenly terminating her.

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Voting rights groups want a ruling reconsidered

Voting rights groups want a federal court ruling on the constitutionality of Governor DeSantis’ new redistricting plan. Groups like Common Cause Florida and the Florida NAACP and others filed a motion this week urging the three-judge panel to look again at whether or not the redistricting plan was passed with racially discriminatory motive.

DeSantis gets education bills

A controversial proposal regarding teacher preparation programs was among almost 30 bills formally sent to Governor DeSantis.

Information from Florida Public Media, News Service of Florida, and Associated Press was used in this report.


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WMNF anchors Chris Young, Lisa Marzilli, Josh Holton, Seán Kinane

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WMNF reporters Chris Young, Lisa Marzilli, Josh Holton, Seán Kinane, Colleen Cole, Kerilyn Kwiatkowski, Jimmy Rosilio

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