New Jersey: Senate Democrats Move To Put Gun Manufacturers Out Of Business

Gun Rights

 On Monday, the Senate Judiciary Committee is planning to advance legislation that will utilize an old but creative scheme to ban guns.  Gov. Phil Murphy and anti-gun politicians in Trenton realize they don’t have to pass a law to ban guns if they simply sue the people who make guns out of existence.  That is the motive for the introduction of S.1893 by Sens. Ruiz and Pou.  This bill will impact more than just New Jersey if these frivolous lawsuits are allowed to proceed and companies go bankrupt and cease to exist.  

​Fortunately, this is pure fantasy being shoveled to their gun-banning base.  That is because in 2005 Congress passed the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act (PLCAA) to prevent the exact abuse S.1893 is trying to spawn.  They are relying on bogus talking points that declare the firearms industry is immune from lawsuits.  That is not true.  Gun manufacturers can be sued for product liability just like any other industry.  PLCAA was adopted to prevent suits which are motivated with the sole purpose of bankrupting the firearm industry.  

This is nothing more than a sneaky attempt at a backdoor gun ban.  Please use the TAKE ACTION button below to contact your Senator immediately and respectfully request a “NO” vote on S.1893.  

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