Delaware: House Committee Passes Legislation to Restrict Firearms on College Campuses

Gun Rights

Yesterday, The Delaware House Judiciary Committee released HB 311, to restrict firearms on college campuses. This legislation adds colleges and universities to the Safe School Zone criminal offense so that any person who knowingly possesses a firearm while in or on a college or university campus may be charged with an additional offense. A person convicted under this section will be guilty of a Class E felony. HB 311 is now eligible for a vote on the House floor. Please contact your state representative using the Take Action button below and ask them to oppose HB 311.

Updates on Other Gun Related Legislation:

HB 380, expands the existing red flag law by eliminating mental health professionals’ involvement at the beginning of the process, was removed from the agenda during the hearing. At this time the bill has not been rescheduled for a committee hearing. 

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HB 342, creates a Voluntary Firearms Do-Not-Sell Registry in which an applicant may voluntarily enroll for the purpose of being prohibited from obtaining a firearm, was released by the committee and will now move to the House floor. The author has committed to continue work on this legislation to address concerns surrounding private transfers and possession of previously purchased firearms. 

HB 357, creates a more limited definition of “firearm” that is consistent with the common understanding of the term and removes items such as airsoft guns, was released from committee and will now move to the House floor.

Again, we urge you to contact your state representative to oppose HB 311. Please continue to check your inbox and NRA-ILA for updates concerning your Second Amendment rights and hunting heritage.

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