EAA Unveils Girsan MC P35 Hi-Power Clone

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New production Hi-Powers are once again available as EAA begins importing the Girsan MC P35.

Girsan MC P35 Features:

  • 9mm, 15+1 Capacity
  • Single-Action
  • Ambidextrous Safety
  • Matte Black Finish
  • Checkered Synthetic Grips

Ever since Browning discontinued production in 2018, your choices for a Hi-Power have been limited to the secondhand market. Another Turkish-made clone, the Tisas BR9, was available briefly as well but was apparently discontinued due to quality issues. EAA is now attempting to revive this classic John Browning design with a new Turkish clone we’re seeing stateside for the first time—the Girsan MC P35.

Girsan MC P35

Classic Design

Development of the Hi-Power started under John Browning and was finished by his assistant at the time, Dieudonné Saive. Browning’s achievements need not be repeated, but Saive was responsible for pioneering the double-stack pistol magazine which would prove to be the heart of the Hi-Power design. He would also go on to design the iconic FAL. The Hi-Power was instantly well-received by its users and its popularity around the globe would only grow in the decades to come.

Many people claim that the Hi-Power is the most ergonomic pistol they’ve ever shot, and many of those who disagree only do so because they prefer pistols that were derived from the Hi-Power like the CZ-75. The requirements driving the Hi Power’s development necessitated that it be accurate, powerful, durable and have a high capacity (for the time). Assuming that the Girsan MC P35 is a decently manufactured reproduction, it should have similar accuracy and reliability as the original. Its capacity has already been improved upon by shipping with modern, flush-fitting 15-round magazines rather than the initial 13-round design. The Girsan MC P35 also includes an ambidextrous safety right out of the box, as well as an improved external extractor and a rounded, no-bite hammer.

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One original feature that the Girsan MC P35 retained that could have been left off is the magazine disconnect safety. This was one of the original military requirements for the Hi-Power and was included solely to prevent poorly trained troops from accidentally shooting themselves while cleaning the gun. The inclusion of this device unfortunately means that the trigger is not as good as it could have been without it, and in my opinion, it makes operating the gun more tedious with no real benefit.

Girsan MC P35 left

Here To Stay

While its popularity may have declined some in recent years, the Hi-Power was one of the most prolific sidearms in the world for several decades. It was the go-to pistol for many American special forces soldiers when working abroad in this time period due to how commonplace the spare parts and magazines were. With the millions of Hi-Powers built and distributed over the decades, it’s safe to say that this iconic design isn’t going anywhere. So if you’re considering the Girsan MC P35, parts availability shouldn’t be a concern. Magazines, aftermarket upgrades and accessories like holsters can all still easily be found.

Bigger, heavier and more primitive than most handguns on the market today, the Hi-Power is still an excellent design that one could feel confident trusting their life to. If the Girsan MC P35 proves to be a well-made clone, a pair of wooden grips and a leather shoulder holster would make for one classy CCW setup.

Girsan MC P35 angle

With an MSRP of $528, the Girsan MC P35 looks like a very promising pistol. It’s always nice to see the classics being kept alive. Hopefully this Turkish clone proves to be a faithful reproduction of John Browning’s work and continues to be imported for years to come.

For more on the Girsan MC P35, please visit eaacorp.com.

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