Delaware: House Committee to Hear Red Flag Expansion, Gun Control Legislation Tomorrow

Gun Rights

Tomorrow, the Delaware House Judiciary Committee will consider legislation to further erode citizens’ constitutional rights by expanding red flag laws and restricting firearms on college campuses. Please contact committee members by using the Take Action button below and urge them to OPPOSE this legislation.

HB 380 will expand the existing red flag laws. This bill eliminates mental health professionals’ involvement at the beginning of the process. Additionally, the time within which a hearing is required to be held is extended from 15 days after the DOJ’s filing of a petition to 30 days. An ex parte emergency order issued by the JP Court will continue in effect during these time periods.

HB 311 adds post-secondary colleges and universities to the Safe School Zone criminal offense so that any person who knowingly possesses a firearm while in or on a college or university facility or campus may be charged with an additional offense. A person convicted under this section will be guilty of a Class E felony.

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