Primitive Technology: building a Metal Furnace Iron (Fe)

Primitive Survival
Hello. building a Metal Furnace Iron (Fe) is our newest video. In this video we have modified the smelter so that we can separate iron metal from iron ore. the Iron Age is a rapidly advancing primitive. Primitive human evolution from the Bronze Age to the Iron Age is a long step. it is the premise for us to progress to civilization. The melting point of iron is very high so we need coal with a high burning point. We found coal. a coal whose exothermic temperature can burn up to 2000 degrees. we found a lot of iron ore in one river. it’s a very fine ore. After many hours of ore smelting we have obtained a small number of very small pieces of iron. we need more time to be able to smelt more iron in order to be able to create the tools needed in the primitive era. We continue to make the following videos of making iron and making tools and weapons. Subscribe to the channel to follow the next videos.
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