Chris Rose Challenging for 2nd District W.Va. Senate Seat

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WHEELING – Republican Chris Rose sees the need for new representation in the West Virginia Senate’s 2nd District.

He is challenging incumbent Sen. Mike Maroney, R-Marshall, in the May 14 primary election.

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“I feel like we’re not currently being represented. He (Maroney) is not fighting for the values of our district. … He supported Biden’s new deal, and he is pushing ‘woke’ policy,” Rose said.

“I am running to focus on job creation and create opportunities within our district.”

Rose, 33, is a fourth generation coal miner who grew up in McDowell County. He started work as a coal miner 14 years ago after high school, and attended college at Bluefield State College, now Bluefield State University, while an employee. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering technology and moved his way up through the ranks in the coal industry from labor to management.

The Morgantown resident presently works for an electric utility company.

“I have worked for the Tea Party since 2015. And have a proven record fighting for conservative causes,” Rose said. “I’ve also worked on President Trump’s first two campaigns.”

His priorities in the Senate include “eliminating the state income tax to ease the burden of inflation,” and creating job opportunities.

“Our sons and daughters are moving away for lack of economic opportunity,” Rose explained. “By eliminating the state’s income tax and personal property taxes, we can make it so they don’t have to find economic opportunities elsewhere.

“I also want to stop West Virginia tax dollars from funding the Green New Deal, and to create a level playing field for the oil and gas industries.”

He says he will work to see roads repaired throughout District 2.

“There are roads that are sliding down, and we have crumbling bridges,” he said. “We need infrastructure in the district.”

Rose also wants to make certain anyone who wants to use the Hope Scholarship available for school choice in West Virginia will have the opportunity. He advises the program is “currently approaching a cap.”

Rose defines himself as “a staunch defender of the 2nd Amendment,” an avid outdoorsman, a lifetime member of the National Rifle Association, and a member of both the West Virginia Civil Defense League and the Gun Owners of America.

He has been married to wife Amber for 11 years.

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