Glock Torture Test with Black Powder

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Black Powder in a Glock! Sounds a little crazy, I guess. Well, John convinced me to try it, since I have lots of experience with Glocks, with reloading, and with black powder.
Warning: do not try this at home! I am a “professional gunman,” so I have a license to experiment. 🙂
Glock quite clearly advises NOT to shoot reloads in their pistols, NOT to shoot lead bullets in their pistols, and even though they don’t address it, my guess is that they would advise against using black powder in their pistols. 🙂
Guess this is more of a “Reliability” test than a real “Torture” test; however, torture tests are actually reliability tests when you get right down to it. We’re testing the reliability of the pistol under the extreme condition of firing horribly dirty gun powder.
Glocks, as well as other modern hi-tech pistols are famous for functioning under extreme conditions. We thought we’d test one with the dirtiest powder one can imagine and see if it would fire a full magazine without hanging up.
You might be interested to know that after soaking the barrel in Ballistol and running a couple of patches through the barrel to get the black powder crud out, the barrel was as clean and shiny as a mirror. There was NO leading at all. I did not want to shoot more than a magazine, though, because I knew that even if there was no leading, hardened black powder residue might create the same increased pressure issues as a leaded barrel, which is what polygonal rifling is supposedly subject to causing.
The powder charge was Goex FFFF. Don’t know exactly how much, just as much as I could get in and still leave room for the 230 grain bullet.
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