Everyone at WRAL Is Trying To Figure Out Why “Gun Violence” Is Spiking In Durham

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WRAK reports that everyone at the station is trying to figure out why “gun violence” is spiking in Durham, Somehow,https://www.wral.com/we-re-all-struggling-to-figure-that-out-gun-violence-spikes-in-durham/19300917/

I do not believe the folks at Raleigh’s WRAL have been paying attention or they would know that every gun control campaign results in sharply higher violent crime rates. Michael Bloomberg is spending perhaps another billion dollars to impose gun confiscation on most Americans who do not have a high position in the Democratic Party, and gun related crime is spiking all over America. Largely because media outlets like WRAL are glad to take Bloomberg’s money, funneled through various groups dedicated to banning guns.

Before Hollywood’s campaign to blame guns instead of explicit interpersonal violence on the small screen” North Carolina, including Raleigh-Durham, had extremely low violent crime rates. But Hollywoods “Send the army and take the guns but dont cut off our residuals” campaign on 1964,. But for the FBI numbers this chart is based on clearly show that Hollywood’s gun ban campaign had great success in sending violent crime rates soaring.

The addition of Federal gun control laws in 1968 made matters eve worse, but relaxing the ammunition buyer registration in 1972 reduced the crime rate. As did North Carolina’s choice of making it easier to get a concealed weapons permit.

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Buit the increase shown in this chart clearly show what gun control has done to North carolina, but it does not show the billions of dollars spent as a result of those laws. And unlike those who are peddling gun bans as a cure for crime, cancer and coronary disease, the official FBI Uniform Crime Report numbers are at this link: http://www.disastercenter.com/crime/North%20Carolina%20crime%20and%20punishment%20statistics.html

If those seeking to make life safer by eliminating the most effective deterrent to crime, they would copy those permissive laws that have actually reduced crime instead of copying laws that have invariably failed wherever they have been enforced. Copying a failure with more than 58,309 consecutive failures is no way to come up with a winner.


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