Three Things to Consider Before Buying an Electric Jump Starter

Survival Basics

It’s one thing to love the outdoors, but it’s another to be stuck out there because you left the back door open and ran your vehicle battery out of juice. Jumper cables are great, but not so great when you’re all alone in the dark scary woods. An electric jump starter is easy to store and easy to use, so you can get cranking no matter how long the lights have been on. The advantage to a jump starter over cables is that you don’t have to have another vehicle, so no matter how deep you are in the dark scary woods, you’ll have what it needs to bring a dead battery back to life and get home before anyone knows that you left that cab light on all day long. There are lots of great models available, and some even have useful features like USB outlets and more. So, shop wisely, stash one of these portable power packs in your console or toolbox and get off-road with confidence.

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