Printing photos of mass shootings may finally spur sensible gun laws — Holly Hill-Putnam

Gun Rights

With responsible gun owners and non-gun owners overwhelmingly supporting some gun control, a picture is worth 1,000 words.

Look at the impact the picture of Emmet Till in his coffin had on the civil rights movement. Even those who were neutral on civil rights were horrified that human beings could inflict such agony on a child in our country.

Because our Republican controlled-House of Representatives as well as our Wisconsin Legislature are so completely out of step with the will of the voting public, perhaps we need to give up the notion that we can’t handle seeing photos of 6-year-olds blown apart by assault-style rifles.

Perhaps publishing photos like these will put increased pressure on our Republican lawmakers to ban assault weapons and high-capacity magazines, which are made expressly to cause as much damage as quickly as possible. It is only through pressure from the voting populace that we stand any chance of moving the needle on this issue. Vote them out or force them to at least vote for a total ban on assault weapons.

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Help ensure that the kids of Sandy Hook and Uvalde did not die in vain. Publishing these scenes of death may be the agent of change to finally make politicians prioritize public safety of our children over National Rifle Association campaign contributions.

Holly Hill-Putnam, Windsor

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