Why Democratic Voters Would Never Accept Republican Defectors

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Last week, Dan Poulter, a Conservative Party member of Great Britain’s
Parliament, abandoned the Tories to become a member of the Labour Party. In
2022, Christian Wakeford similarly left the Tories to join Labour, the equivalent of an
American Republican member of Congress being welcomed into the Democratic

The last Republican member of Congress who became a Democrat was
New York’s Michael Forbes, who made the switch more than two decades ago in 1999.
Democrats in his district overwhelmingly rejected him in the 2000 election: Although
he raised and spent $1.4 million to hold his seat, he was defeated by a 71-year-old librarian who’d raised and spent a mere

Why would it be that in Great Britain, Conservative members of
Parliament are welcomed into the Labour Party, but here in the U.S. it’s almost
impossible for a Republican to successfully become a Democrat?

Turns out, there’s a reason. British Conservatives and American
Republicans are qualitatively different: The British equivalent of our Supreme
Court never legalized political bribery.

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Because corrupt Republicans on the court legalized political
bribery, most recently with Citizens United, we have:

— Republicans who take money from the NRA and gun manufacturers
blocking an assault weapon ban and pushing for more guns in our communities and
— Republicans
who take money from the fossil fuel industry denying climate change and
sabotaging efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
— Republicans who take
money from the Pharma industry fighting Joe Biden’s efforts to allow Medicare
to negotiate drug prices while fighting to protect the industry’s obscene
— Republicans
who take money from the for-profit health insurance industry obstructing all
efforts to create a national single-payer system that would save Americans as
much as half of what we spend on health care.
— Republicans who take
money from billionaires fighting to protect Ronald Reagan’s, George W. Bush’s,
and Donald Trump’s multitrillion-dollar tax cuts and now arguing for more
gifts to the morbidly rich.
— Republicans
who take money from the banking industry preventing even one single banker from
going to prison when it crashed the U.S. economy during the last year of
George W. Bush’s administration, despite massive evidence of fraud.
— Republicans
who take money from the tobacco and alcohol industries fighting
decriminalization of marijuana at the federal level.
— Republicans
who take money from the lending industry preventing students from declaring
bankruptcy on student debt.

In the United Kingdom, the Conservative Party—while still hewing
to neoliberalism and austerity politics—hasn’t been completely corrupted
because there are still enforceable limits on campaign spending in the U.K. A
political party can’t spend more than £54,010 for each individual constituency (like a congressional
district here), and an individual candidate can’t spend more than £49,000 in the 55 months leading up to the next election.

The result is that British members of Parliament are more
generally forced to respond to constituents and voters instead of billionaires
and Britain’s largest corporations. A cabinet member in the Conservative
government of Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, for example, just came out this
weekend bragging about how they’d increased spending
for the National Health Service.

When a Conservative member of Parliament in the U.K. defects to
Labour, while there is usually a policy clash on a couple of issues, few people
would consider that former Tory to be so corrupt that he’d be considered a
bribe-taking criminal. By contrast, Democratic voters looking at a Republican
who’s taken millions in cash from the industries mentioned above are unlikely
to forgive the obvious corruption.

This is not to say there aren’t any corrupt Democrats: the
so-called “Problem Solvers” are probably the best example of on-the-take Democrats who
think they have to use the loopholes the Supreme Court has created in our
campaign laws to win elections. But they’re increasingly the outliers in the
Democratic Party, and there’s no equivalent in the GOP to the Congressional
Progressive Caucus, with almost a hundred Democratic members who pledge not to
take corporate PAC money.

Democratic voters won’t accept Republican defectors, in other
words, because they don’t want career criminals in their midst.

After all, who goes along with children being torn from the arms
of their nursing mothers and then trafficked into the Red State kids-for-sale
marketplace like Trump did (almost a thousand are still missing)?

What patriotic American would want a politician representing
them who supported Trump’s traitorous burning of a spy by giving him to the
Russian ambassador during his first weeks in office? Or dissing our
intelligence services in front of Putin in Helsinki?

Who’d want to vote for a former Republican who kept silent while
Trump’s incompetence and malice caused over a half-million Americans to
unnecessarily die in the pandemic and then tried to overthrow the American
government to stay in power when he lost the 2020 election?  

This corruption of the Republican Party wasn’t an overnight
affair: I’ve written two books about its history. Unequal Protection: How Corporations Became “People” 
tells the story of how the origins of the corporate personhood
scam found their roots in the headnote of an 1886 Supreme Court case; The Hidden History of the Supreme Court and the Betrayal of
among other things, how Republicans on the court legalized political bribery
for Congress and themselves in a series of corrupt decisions from the 1970s to

Republicans on the court have been pushing their bizarre idea
that bribes by the morbidly rich and giant corporations are actually “First
Amendment–protected free speech” for five decades now, and the result has been
that Dwight Eisenhower’s GOP has degenerated into a corrupt neofascist movement
animated by billionaire money. No other developed democracy in the world
tolerates anything like this.

Thanks to brilliant reporting from ProPublica, we now know that Republican members of the court themselves
have been on the take at least since the 1990s, when Antonin Scalia and
Clarence Thomas first reached out to and hooked up with their and Ginni Thomas’s
sugar daddies. The Thomases have since taken millions in gifts, trips, and
bribes from wealthy men with interests before the Court.

Thomas then became the deciding vote to hand the 2000 election
to George W. Bush (even though Al Gore got 40,000 more votes in Florida) and the deciding vote to legalize political bribery (even by foreigners) in Citizens United. The billionaires then got their money’s worth, what
with Bush’s and Trump’s massive tax cuts, climate change denial, and
deregulation efforts.

While political hyperbole may argue otherwise, there are no
members of the U.K.’s Conservative Party who are openly arguing for an end to the
British democracy; here in America about half of the GOP voted to overturn the
2020 election, and just this month openly voted with Vladimir Putin to deny
Ukraine defensive weaponry.

While there are members of the British Tories who’ve worked for
years to try to privatize parts of that nation’s National Health Service, none
will openly call for a complete end to the socialist government-owned hospitals
and doctors offices. Here in America, the Republican legislatures and governors
of 11 states are still preventing Medicaid expansion that
would give health care to the working poor.

There are no Tories in the U.K. who want their nation flooded with
guns, who want to deny their constituents health care, or who want to surrender
Europe to Putin. But America is now infested with Republicans pushing those
same positions on behalf of billionaires and industries who profit from the
death of our children.

Republicans on the Supreme Court—particularly Lewis Powell, who authored the
1978 Bellotti decision that said corporations are “persons”
who are entitled to bribe politicians—laid the foundation for the corruption of American
politics, and Republicans eagerly jumped at the opportunity.

Now they’re working to end our form of government altogether,
installing a billionaire-friendly strongman oligarchy in its place. Spread the

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