‘Insanity’: Texas Gov. Abbott slammed by former gun industry exec for paving the way for another mass shooting

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Appearing on MSNBC the day after yet another mass shooting claimed eight lives in Allen, Texas, a former gun industry executive who walked away torched Texas Gov. Greg Abbott for paving the way for high-powered weapons to be readily available to almost anyone who wants one.

Speaking with fill-in host Michael Steele, Ryan Busse said what happened at the mall late Saturday is another example of the insanity that has gripped the country and then singled out the Texas Republican for his part in kowtowing to gun rights extremists.

“Here we are again,” the author of ‘Gunfight: My Battle Against the Industry that Radicalized America‘ began. “This terror that we’re living in our country is really a byproduct of as Jim, our ATF friend mentioned. It’s a byproduct of an all-or-nothing authoritarian NRA governance that has been adopted by the GOP.”

Adding, “This issue does not discriminate between Democrats and Republicans,” he later continued, “The NRA used this issue, created as a totemic all or nothing issue, handed it off to the GOP in states across our country and Republicans are now using this as a way to institute their ‘own the libs’ kind of governance.”

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“Good governance happens when we beat out hard solutions that make things marginally better in the gray spaces of our lives,” he explained. “They aren’t this all or nothing. And Greg Abbott in Texas is moving towards a nothing like permitless carry, he’s commuting the sentences of people who murder people at protests.”

“Everything that is being done in Texas by the Republican Party and in other states across the country is now all about owning the libs: this is the byproduct of that kind of insanity,” he added.

Watch below or at the link:

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