Trump Compares Himself To Nixon In Fox News Interview

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Donald Trump compared himself to another former president, Richard Nixon, in an interview on Sunday on Fox News, but said that unlike his predecessor he has enjoyed strong support from leaders within his own party during his two impeachment proceedings and his ongoing legal challenges.

Key Facts

Speaking to Fox News’ Mark Levin, Trump claimed that Nixon’s biggest regret was that “he didn’t fight” as he was forced to step down from the presidency following the Watergate scandal.

Drawing a comparison to his two impeachment proceedings, Trump said Nixon had no support, but “we had such great support,” as he named Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) and some other “great fighters.”

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Noting that Nixon was “very, very tough with people,” Trump attempted to draw a contrast, saying, “I get along with people.”

During the interview, Trump tried to highlight what he said was a previously cordial relationship with another former president, Bill Clinton, saying they frequently exchanged letters and pointing out that the Clintons attended his latest wedding.

Trump claimed his 2016 election rival, Hillary Clinton, did not adequately leverage her husband’s experience, and called Bill Clinton an “unbelievable weapon” and a “natural politician.”

The former president was appearing on Levin’s show to promote his upcoming book, Letters to Trump, which includes private letters he received from several public figures including Nixon, Hillary Clinton, Oprah Winfrey, Kim Jong-un and others.

Crucial Quote

“[Nixon] was a very tough guy. He was—I guess some people would say this about me, too—he was his own worst enemy. I mean, I can say that a little bit about myself, much less so than people think, I will say,” Trump said in the interview.

Surprising Fact

Trump said he would speak to Nixon’s family often and claimed they had asked him if he would consider giving Nixon the Presidential Medal of Freedom. “ I thought it was a very interesting request. I said let me let me get out of some of these little things first,” Trump said.


Trump also spoke about Russian President Vladimir Putin’s recent actions in eastern Europe, including the invasion of Ukraine and the placing of nuclear weapons in Belarus, suggesting that Putin was emboldened by the chaotic withdrawal of U.S. forces from Afghanistan in 2021. Insisting that the withdrawal itself—a process his administration initiated—was not the problem, but rather the manner in which it happened, Trump said: “It was the most embarrassing period.” He then added: “I think Putin actually saw that and he probably got a little more ambition, frankly.” The former president said he believes that Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Gen. Mark Milley “should be court-martialed” over the botched withdrawal.

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