The View from My Place: We are all hostages

Gun Rights

“We are seeing, around the country, in a myriad of ways, those who would dare to attack fundamental rights and, by extension, attack our democracy. Around our country, supposed so-called extremist leaders dare to silence the voices of the people.”

— Vice President Kamala Harris

What happened to us? When did we decide that we were going to allow a small minority to dictate to the majority how life in America would be? Did it begin with the current Speaker of the House being held hostage by a handful of radicals and taking 15 votes to be confirmed? Was it when the National Rifle Association was taken over by radicals who seemingly could care less about the tens of thousands of people who are being slaughtered daily?

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Radicals are nothing new to America. Our nation was founded by radicals when people like Ethan Allen organized a group of Vermonters who would become known as The Green Mountain Boys to push back against the State of New York’s attempt to grab Allen’s land. Were Allen’s radical actions justified? One could argue that they were as it helped move Vermont into the Revolutionary War against a tyrannical English government. Most assuredly England looked at us as being radicals and were not happy with our behavior. Frankly I’ve always been rather proud of our radical heritage. Radicals tend to stand up for what they believe is right and in the best interest of our nation. So what’s changed?

The radicals of today are 100 hundred percent different from the radicals of the 1770’s. Today’s radicals are out of step with the majority of Americans. The overwhelming majority of Americans want our leaders to do something about the gun violence epidemic. Instead of taking action our leaders cower in fear of the NRA and the radical gun lovers who are so insecure and fearful that they cannot leave their house unless they are armed. This well armed radical minority has been holding America hostage for years now, primarily because we have let them.

From The Guardian: “South Dakota’s governor told an audience of people that her 2-year-old grandchild has several guns. While speaking on Friday at a National Rifle Association Republican Governor Kristi Noem told audience members her toddler grandchild has multiple guns.” Isn’t that possibly sending the wrong message in light of the fact that a young lady was recently shot and killed for doing nothing more than turning around in someone’s driveway?

The gun radicals are not the only radicals holding our country hostage. We now have a powerful minority of people who are insisting on imposing their religious beliefs on the majority. Every poll taken shows that the majority of Americans supported Roe v Wade and opposes the new Dobbs decision handed down by the Supreme Court; a court that now hosts some radicals. Within the last couple of weeks we witnessed one radical judge from Texas render a decision that stripped every woman of her right to use a prescribed abortion pill. That decision is on hold while under appeal, but one judge imposed his will on millions of Americans.

The answer is becoming clear. The majority of Americans either push back against the radicals who are aggressively imposing their will onto others or be prepared to be governed by these folks. As an independent Vermonter I have no desire to let someone from the Deep South tell my daughter what she can, or cannot do with her body. I am sickened by the book banning movement taking place in Florida and other states. I am concerned about the rise of fascism in America.

You say that I worry too much? Maybe. But one only needs to look at history to see how easy it is to lose our country to radicals. It’s happening right before our eyes. What would fighting back look like? We might start by orchestrating a movement to eliminate the Second Amendment in our Constitution. If ever there was an amendment that has become obsolete it’s the Second Amendment. James Madison introduced the Second Amendment to placate various fears regarding the military, the balance of power between the federal and state governments, and the use of standing armies. At the time it was adopted the muzzleloader was the gun of the day. It’s unlikely that our forefathers envisioned guns with 60 round clips. Had they been able to see the future do you really believe that they would’ve adopted this amendment?

Removing the Second Amendment would be a bold move, but times are demanding bold action. I say this as a gun guy. I have more than a few guns. I like guns. They are under lock and key and I don’t feel compelled to carry them around with me. I consider myself to be a responsible gun owner, however, there are too many guns in our society today and too many people who shouldn’t be allowed to own a stapler, say anything about a gun.

We need more common sense. We need straightforward dialog. We need to do something to counter the attack that radicals who are working hard to impose their will on the majority. We don’t have a lot of options. We either do something or wish we had; the latter is what happened in Germany in the 1930’s.

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