Colorado: Gun Ban, Waiting Period and Bankrupting Firearms Industry are Fast Tracking to Become the Law

Gun Rights

Urgent Action Needed – Contact Your Lawmakers and Gov. Polis to OPPOSE ALL gun control

Colorado is currently considering several pieces of gun control legislation that threaten to infringe on the Second Amendment rights of its citizens. Urgent action is needed to oppose these bills and protect the rights of gun owners.

Yesterday, The Senate Committee on State, Veterans, & Military Affairs voted 3-2 to pass Senate Bill 23-279, which bans custom-made firearms. This bill does nothing except misdirect attention toward hobbyists by employing scary terminology. “Ghost gun” is an invented term designed for the sole purpose of pushing gun control. This bill is now being considered by the Senate, and concerned citizens should contact their senators to urge them to oppose SB 23-279 and all other gun control measures.

On Tuesday, April 25, the Senate Committee on Local Government & Housing scheduled a hearing for HB23-1165, a bill that permits counties the authority to ban shooting on private property within their jurisdiction. This bill’s only real effect will be requiring citizens to pay to practice at a shooting range.

In addition, the following two bills attacking the Second Amendment have been sent to Governor Polis’s desk for his signature:

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Senate Bill 23-168 repeals limited liability protections for firearms manufacturers, distributors, dealers, and importers. This bill allows individuals to bring a civil suit against gun and ammunition manufacturers and sellers, for the simple act of selling a firearm.

House Bill 23-1219 delays Second Amendment rights by imposing a three-day waiting period before an individual may receive a firearm that they lawfully purchase, with limited exemptions. There is no evidence that waiting periods reduce violent crime. Instead, this simply denies someone the ability to buy a firearm for urgent self-defense.

Polis also has the following two bills awaiting his signature to become law:

Senate Bill 23-169, a bill that denies Second Amendment rights to young adults aged 18 – 20 by prohibiting them from purchasing firearms.

Senate Bill 23-170, a bill that expands Colorado’s “red flag” gun confiscation scheme, allowing for the confiscation of firearms based on mere speculation and hearsay evidence, without due process of law. Such orders are designed to empower the government to confiscate Americans’ firearms and indefinitely delay Second Amendment rights.

These bills are misguided and threaten to harm law-abiding gun owners while doing little to address the underlying issue of violent crime. It is essential that concerned citizens contact their lawmakers and Governor Polis to express their opposition to all gun control measures and to protect the Second Amendment rights of Coloradans. Please use the links provided to take action now.

Thank you for your continued support in defending the Second Amendment.

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