Pennsylvania: Newly Minted, Anti-Gun House Majority Pressing For Gun Bans in Harrisburg This Week

Gun Rights

Democrats narrowly took control of the House last November, and they are finally ready to get down to business this week so far as your constitutional rights are concerned.  At least we think that is their plan.  They aren’t saying much.  It has taken a couple of months to select a Speaker and establish committees, so it should come as little surprise they are not confident of where to begin with banning firearms.  They just know they want to do it. 

Majority Democrats posted a House Judiciary Committee hearing for Thursday, March 23.  The topic is “preventing mass shootings and gun violence.”  It sounds vague because it is.  No bills, no formal agenda, and no committee format have been announced.  Whether that is by design or just more fumbling, we are not sure.  However, they did stack the deck before announcing the hearing.  Although the entire House is divided by a single vote, 102-101 (which has fluctuated ever so slightly with vacancies), committees were assigned to give Democrats a three-vote advantage, guaranteeing their agenda at least doesn’t hit a roadblock in committee. 

We can speculate all day long, but we know it is not going to be good.  They have been openly supportive of red-flag laws and magazine bans.  We all know what their end goal is.   This latest sneak attack is reminiscent of how states like New York, New Jersey, and California pass their gun control laws, quickly passing bills with little public notice.  It looks like the anti-gun strategies of these coastal states have now found their way to Harrisburg. 

Your immediate help is needed!  Help us stop these infringements from the very beginning.   Please contact your House member and respectfully request that they reject any and all new gun control.  Pennsylvania has enough gun laws, and they should focus on enforcing the laws which are already on the books. 

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