California: Assembly Public Safety Committee Hearing Anti-Gun Bills

Gun Rights

Tomorrow, the Assembly Public Safety Committee will hear three bills to add even more gun control laws in California. Please contact committee members and ask them to OPPOSE Assembly Bills 455, 667, and 725.

Assembly Bill 455 expands California’s prohibited persons categories for certain misdemeanor crimes. 

Assembly Bill 667 expands California’s flawed “red flag” gun confiscation scheme by allowing the orders to be renewed for up to ten years each time. The bill does not add any additional due process protections.

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Assembly Bill 725 expands California’s one-size-fits-all reporting mandate for lost or stolen firearms to also include precursor parts. Californians may face criminal penalties if they fail to report the loss or theft of what were previously unregulated pieces of plastic and metal.

Again, please contact committee members and ask them to OPPOSE Assembly Bills 455, 667, and 725.

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