Colorado: Broomfield Passes Anti-Gun Ordinances

Gun Rights

In the latest instance of localities creating a confusing patchwork of local gun laws around Colorado and violating Second Amendment rights, the Broomfield City Council passed a number of the anti-gun ordinances before it, following a public hearing on Tuesday. These went into effect immediately.

  • Ord. 2188 bans the sale and possession of so-called, vaguely-defined “rapid-fire trigger activators.”
  • Ord. 2190 restricts home-built firearms beyond what state and federal law requires.
  • Ord. 2191 requires all firearm dealers in Broomfield to post anti-gun propaganda at their places of business and offer information to customers, among other things, on how to file “red flag” orders to strip others of Second Amendment rights.
  • Ord. 2193 prohibits the open carry of firearms in public places located in Broomfield, regardless of whether there are signs posted indicating such.
  • Ord. 2194 prohibits the concealed carry of firearms in CCOB-owned and operated places where signs are posted indicating such and security personnel staff metal detectors.
  • Ord. 2195 updates definitions in the code that apply to the regulation of firearms.
  • Ord. 2200 updates various code provisions for consistency in light of other code changes.

In addition, the Council voted to defer two other proposed ordinances until the June 13th hearing:

  • Ord. 2189 discriminates against adults aged 18-20 years old by prohibiting them from exercising their Second Amendment rights.
  • Ord. 2192 imposes an arbitrary ten-day delay on Second Amendment rights before citizens can take possession of firearms and requires them to present proof of training/experience prior to the sale of firearms.

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