ICYMI: Say goodbye to the NRA, how courts are taking our rights away

Gun Rights

The NRA is falling apart, and the gun cult may be going with it 

Does this mean no more Republican family Christmas pics with all those guns?

Jimmy Kimmel jabs at Trump and ‘puppy killer’ Kristi Noem

Being a late-night host is wonderful when there’s so much ridiculousness to pick from.

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Cartoon: Déjà vu

History does love to repeat itself.

Conservative judges are rolling back rights with trickery

Lengthy, complex judicial opinions are just hiding what we’re losing.

Democrats might stop the House speaker’s ouster—and they won’t let him forget it

Mike Johnson is certainly stuck between a rock and a (bonkers) hard place.

Could lower voter turnout actually benefit Democrats in November?

Nice to know that a worst-case scenario might not be the actual worst.

3 ways Trump dodged a ‘yes or no’ question on abortion

We love watching him screw it up.

9 of Trump’s most disturbing responses from his terrible Time interview

Honestly, it was hard to pick just nine.

Rachel Maddow exposes the GOP’s ‘sprawling nationwide scandal’

Trump isn’t the only corrupt one in the Republican Party.

‘Groundhog Day’: Democrat ridicules GOP’s latest sham hearing

You can only imagine how fun it must be to sit through those hearings day after day.

Arizona Democrats get enough votes to repeal 1864 abortion ban

A little hope in the abortion nightmare.

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