WH Press Sec: President Biden Did Not Mean Semiautomatic Firearms When He Said Semiautomatic Firearms

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On Monday White House press secretary Karin Jean-Pierre said President Biden’s Thanksgiving Day criticism of semiautomatic firearms was actually meant to be directed toward “assault weapons.”

Real Clear Politics noted that their reporter, Philip Wegmann, asked Jean-Pierre about Biden’s comment:

The president has said repeatedly that he wants to ban assault weapons, but on Thanksgiving when he was in Nantucket, he said: “The idea that we still allow the purchase of semi-automatic weapons in this country today is sick.”

Obviously, that is a huge category of guns from rifles to pistols to shotguns that are not assault weapons.

Did the president misspeak, or does he in fact want to ban all semi-automatic guns?

Jean-Pierre responded, “No. He was talking about assault weapons. That’s what he was talking about on that morning or afternoon when he was asked that question.”

Breitbart News reported that Biden was talking to reporters on the morning of Thanksgiving Day when he criticized the fact that semiautomatic firearms are sold in gun stores and other retail outlets in America.

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Biden said, “The idea we still allow semiautomatic weapons to be purchased is sick. It has no social redeeming value.”

On Monday, Jean-Pierre said he was not referencing semiautomatic firearms, but “assault weapons.”

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