Foldable Kayak? – ORU Bay St Kayak Review

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Is a foldable Kayak the right boat for you?
What are the pros?
What are the cons?

Is it worth $1,600?

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This is my Agenda Free review of the ORU Bay St Kayak.

Link :

Price : $1,600

Weight : 28lbs

To be honest, I haven’t heard of this company but I have been impressed by how many people have!

ORU offers multiple styles of foldable kayak, each with a specific area of use; this is the Bay ST which is perfect for fishing, river, lake, etc us. Best Use Flatwater Kayaking

12ft long, 25” wide

Packed Dimensions33 x 12 x 29 inches

300 lb weight capacity, allowing room for 1 adult + plenty of gear

Made in USA.

Made of 5mm double-layered custom-extruded polypropylene (double walled plastic)
· Seat Type Padded / Foam

Because of the lightweight nature of this kayak I would recommend this for relatively smooth water; hit the lake on a nice day, launch into a slow flow creek. Oru rates this for handling class I and II rapids. Personally my comfort level with this kayak would be class a and class 1.

Class A; – Lake water. Still. No perceptible movement. Calm

Class I – Easy. Smooth water; light riffles; clear passages, occasional sand banks and gentle curves. The most difficult problems might arise when paddling around bridges and other obvious obstructions. Classification

The Bay ST wouldn’t be my first choice for Class II or higher rapids; it’s simply to light and is easily affected by the elements which you are facing.

Class II – Moderate. Medium-quick water; rapids with regular waves; clear and open passages between rocks and ledges. Maneuvering required. Best handled by intermediates who can maneuver canoes and read water.

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