Forget The Teton Sports Scout! – Decathlon Forclaz Trek 100 70L Backpack Real Review

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Today Luke is reviewing what has become his favorite budget friendly backpack; it’s feature rich, the quality is excellent, the price is very fair and it easily surpasses products like the Teton Sports Scout!

Also, it features a truly unique adjustment system that will allow for virtually anyone to wear it and to adjust it effortlessly.

Are there any issues? Find out in this Agenda Free episode!

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Decathlon Forclaz Trek 100 70L Backpack

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Price : $120

Color : Mahogany

Sex : This is the Men’s version but there is are women’s versions

Weight : 4.2lbs

Capacity : 70 liters (4271.7 in³)

Versions : There are multiple variations of this pack available – 50L, 60L and even 90L

Dimensions – Height: 25.6″ Width: 11.8″ Depth: 11.8″

– Materials –

Zippers : YKK

Main fabric :100% 600 denier Polyester cationic

Bottom Fabric : Polyamide base

Lining : 100% Polyester cationic

Yoke :100% Polyester cationic

Webbing : 100% Polypropylene

Rain cover : 100% Polyester cationic

Coating : 100% Polyurethane

How to Adjust Easyfit system :

Our patented Easyfit system allows you to adjust the height of the back and tightness of straps at the same time by pulling on a single strap (on each side). 1. Put on your bag 2. Fasten and tighten the belt 3. Pull the straps (upward) And you’re done!

Review Pros :

The quality of this pack has been excellent with my use and at no point have I had any issues even when in remote areas in the middle of winter storms with very cold conditions.

Excellent price – for the money these in my opinion easily beats out lower cost backpack options such as the Teton Sports Scout 3400. Speaking of which, the Scout 3400 runs around $70 and I would highly recommend looking at this pack when compared to it; this is substantially a better product and is worth the additional dollars.

Plenty of space.

Plenty of pockets for organizing.

I like the color combination

Dedicated sleeping bag pocket with divider.

Front access is smartly designed and features dual zips which is an awesome idea; you can unzip from the bottle without having to detach the lid. Zippers are very secure; have never opened on their own.

Includes a rain cover – gray, not brightly colored?

The gray color is neutral and therefore uses less dye. The component is made of BITON: this process allows us to lower our carbon footprint and reduce the consumption and water pollution in comparison to the colored models. These small measures demonstrate the commitment of Forclaz to improve the environmental impact of its products.

10 Year Warranty

Excellent adjustment system – fully adjustable in every way that a user would want.

Slanted water bottle pocket – easy to access and easy to put your water bottle back into.

Good size hipbelt pocket – it’s actually usable and is fairly large. Large enough to hold even a large size phone

Review Cons :

My only real con for this backpack is slight and deals with the harness padding; it has taken roughly 3 good hiking adventures for it to soften up; initially it was firm and rough…noticeably rough.

Summary :

For the money, this is one of the best backpacks that I have tested and for value oriented individuals who have a budget around $100, this is the pack that I would easily recommend. As I mentioned before, it is better…substantially better than lower cost options such as the offerings from Teton Sports. When you compare the two packs, it is a night and day difference in terms of feel; the materials are strong, the pack is better made, it’s a smarter design that feels unique where as most of the products from Teton Sports for example feels copied and pasted from many other companies.

All in all, I’m very impressed with this pack and it is one that I would have no problem grabbing for just about any trip. It’s not the lightest backpack but it is feature rich, well thoughtout and comfortable. The EasyFit suspension is excellent and actually works and it doesn’t cost you any time to make adjustments.

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