Copple: GOP’s notion of small government is hypocrisy

Gun Rights

Letter by Frank Copple of Sun City West

Recently I heard Liz Cheney on TV telling why she was going to take the GOP back to “limited government.”

Liz, the GOP was never a limited government party; you were a party of big, intrusive government.

And here’s why:

  • Denying women’s rights, which is a basic health necessity to protect the child and the mother.
  • Supporting the NRA and out-of-control laws, with over 400 million guns on the streets, tens of thousands killed annually, schools turned into jails and police organizations forced to use military-type equipment and arms.
  • Controlling education by closing down public schools and putting in cameras and controlling curricula. All an attempt to “dumb down” education (I bet most of us attended public schools).
  • Privatizing Social Security and Veterans Administration to allow Wall Street to control millions of Americans’ lives.
  • Controlling elections by allowing secretaries of states to overturn a state’s election results without impunity.
  • Controlling medicine prices by still not allowing Medicare to negotiate drug prices.
  • Denying climate change and risking our entire planet.
  • Denying health care for all, which is a basic requirement for a democracy.
  • Reagan’s allowing Fox News to start up by changing our FTC laws to not demand factual reporting.

All of these actions have resulted in the degradation of our democracy and contributed mightily to where we are today.

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