Joy Reid slams Cruz NRA speech: Do Texans want to send their kids to schools that look like prisons?

Gun Rights

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  • How the AR-15 conquered the American market according to former firearms executive


  • Sen. Chris Murphy calls mass shootings ‘something I worry the country is becoming used to’


  • Fmr. firearms exec. on Tulsa shooting: ‘We’re doing a segment on gun violence, being interrupted by gun violence’


  • ‘Where are the letters of resignation?’: Sandy Hook first responder asks of Uvalde law enforcement


  • Korean megastars BTS’s White House visit for Asian inclusion can inspire activism Joy Reid hopes


  • Students should walk out of schools this fall until parents, leaders ‘do something’ Tim Wise says


  • Joy Reid: American leaders used to prize the wellbeing of children. Now it’s up to us


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    Joy Reid slams Cruz NRA speech: Do Texans want to send their kids to schools that look like prisons?



    ‘For 1 hour and 20 minutes he was inside that school alive’: Yasmin Vossoughian reports from Uvalde


  • David Hogg: We must do something to save our kids so we’re calling for June 11 march


  • Joy Reid: Republicans are tying themselves in pretzels to point fingers at every thing but the gun


  • Joy Reid: Replace four or five Republican senators and you can pass gun reform


  • ‘You are as low of a human being as can be’: Parkland father to Sen. Ted Cruz, Gov. Greg Abbott


  • Sandy Hook Promise CEO: How many kids must die for politicians to care about them over their careers?


  • Rep. Castro slams gun reform blocking policy makers in wake of Uvalde, Texas school shooting


  • Voting rights activist: We have to take over Georgia state politics from the top of the ticket down


  • Stacey Abrams pledges to ‘lift Georgia up to the greatness we deserve’ if elected governor


  • ‘That racist young man took my mother away’: Families of Buffalo victims hold press conference


  • ‘This is a party and a group of people that believe in nothing’: Former Republican on GOP


  • Chris Jones, Democratic candidate for governor of Arkansas, on his plan to win



As the people of Uvalde continue to mourn the deaths of the 19 children and two teachers who perished in a mass shooting there mere days ago, the National Rifle Association is holding an apparent praise and worship session for the AR-15 and other weapons of death in the face of local and national outrage. Joy Reid and her panel discuss.

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