federal judge suspends Biden “universal background check” gun rule

Gun Rights

In a lawsuit filed by Gun Owners of America (GOA) and the State of Texas, a federal District Court judge has issued a temporary restraining order suspending any enforcement of Biden’s new “universal background check” executive rule.  The rule rewrites Congressional legislation without consulting Congress to require background checks on private gun sales and transfers.  Federal law as passed by Congress only requires background checks on gun sales by licensed firearm dealers.  The TRO will stop enforcement of the rule until the Court can hear the case and consider the law and the evidence.


GOA has been replacing the NRA as the most effective and proactive gun rights group in America.  They often take stronger positions to protect gun rights than the NRA.

This rule is yet another Biden attempt to do an end run around Congress and change the law by executive fiat.  In doing so, he goes against the longstanding doctrine of Separation of Powers, a cornerstone of our democracy and our rights.  Under that doctrine, it is Congress that makes the laws, and the executive branch is supposed to enforce the laws passed by Congress, not rewrite them.

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