Virginia: Subcommittee Hearing “Red-Flag” Repeal

Gun Rights

Today, at 4PM, the House Public Safety Subcommittee #1 will hear House Bill 509, to repeal the “red flag” law passed in 2020. If you wish to view or participate in the hearing or submit comments, click here for information. Please contact subcommittee members and ask them to SUPPORT HB 509.

House Bill 509 restores due process protections in Virginia by repealing the so-called “red flag” scheme that allows the seizure of an individual’s firearms on baseless accusations without a hearing or other opportunity for the person to be heard in court.

A person subject to the suspension of a Constitutional right should be entitled to high evidentiary standards, an opportunity to be heard, and the right to face his or her accusers. Civil liberties advocates from across the political spectrum have expressed concerns about these schemes and how the procedure may lead to abuses, due to insufficient due process protections.

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Again, please contact subcommittee members and ask them to SUPPORT HB 509.

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