Pennsylvania: Senate Passes Legislation Strengthening Firearms Preemption Law

Gun Rights

The Pennsylvania Senate posted a strong pro-Second Amendment vote early Tuesday evening when they gave final approval to HB 979 on a vote of 32 to 17.  The bipartisan vote total is almost veto-proof.

HB 979 is legislation that will strengthen Pennsylvania’s firearms preemption statute and further prevent local governments from adopting their own gun control and creating a patchwork of local gun laws across Pennsylvania that could be inconsistent with state law and subject otherwise lawful gun owners to different firearm regulations as they travel within the Commonwealth.  It also provides plaintiffs who challenge these laws in court an opportunity to recover attorney fees and court costs if they successfully make their case. 

The House passed this bill last summer in identical form so the only remaining stop is the desk of Governor Tom Wolf. 

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The Senate overwhelmingly approved this critical Pro-Second Amendment legislation after passing the House. The vote of the Legislature, after deliberate consideration, should not be unilaterally struck down by a single individual.  Your action is urgently needed.  Please contact Gov. Wolf today and politely request that he sign HB 979.

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