BECOMING WILD IN WABAKIMI – A Solo, 12 Day, 200km Journey – Part 1 Float Plane, Moose, Thunderstorm.

Survival Skills
#joerobinet #camping #canoeing
Join me on Becoming wild in wabakimi provincial park on a solo 12 day journey completely alone.
I experience a ton of wildlife, moose, caribou, eagles, ect.
I paddle through thunderstorms, have epic fishing, and get dropped off by floatplane.
This 12 day, solo, 200km journey is just what Ive been waiting for!
Special thanks to Wabakimi Outfitters
Agawa Saw
Swift Canoe and Kayak
UGQ Outdoors
Bushbuddy Stove
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Full Revolution Race gear as always link here
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