Oklahoma: Legislative Update After Committee Deadline Has Passed

Gun Rights

Yesterday was the deadline for legislation to make it out of committee.  Numerous bills have been passed and will advance this Legislative Session, but a few also didn’t make it out of committee and are considered dead for the year.  An outline of important bills to be aware of is provided below:

Advanced before Deadline: 

  • House Bill 1630 /Senate Bill 106, sponsored by Sen. Mark Allen, and Rep. David Hardin, allows for the use of an SDA license in place of a background check when purchasing a firearm.
  • House Bill 1662, sponsored by Rep. Kevin West, clarifies the immunity provision for persons asserting claims of self-defense.
  • House Bill 2645, sponsored by Rep. Jon Echols, is an omnibus bill with clean up language for Oklahoma’s Constitutional Carry law.
  • Senate Bill 644, sponsored by Sen. Blake Stevens, authorizes municipal employees to carry a firearm at work.
  • Senate Bill 646, sponsored by Sen. Michael Bergstrom, will allow for an individual to carry a firearm in the designated bar area of a restaurant as long as that person is not consuming alcohol.
  • Senate Bill 672, sponsored by Sen. Casey Murdock, cleans up state law to allow for the transportation of a long gun in a motor vehicle.
  • Senate Bill 925, sponsored by Sen. Nathan Dahm, cleans up current law to allow for the defensive display of a firearm against a potential threat.
  • Senate Bill 732, sponsored by Sen. Nathan Dahm, strengthens state preemption to include ammunition.

Died in Committee:

  • House Bill 2401, sponsored by Rep. Todd Russ, creates a restoration of rights process that will allow those convicted of nonviolent felonies, to reestablish their Second Amendment rights following a certain period of time with a clean record.
  • House Bill 2588, sponsored by Rep. Sean Roberts, allows designated school personnel with an SDA License to carry a firearm for self-defense while on school grounds.
  • Senate Concurrent Resolution 5  incorporates the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation-approved hunter education course into middle or high school curriculums. 

Stay-tuned to NRA-ILA Alerts for more information and updates as these measures are scheduled for further consideration.​

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