First Look: OSS RAD 9 And RAD 45 Modular Suppressors

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Configuarable and boasting OSS’s Flow-Through technology, the RAD 9 and RAD 45 suppressors put the hush on your handgun.

Considering suppressor technology is more than a century old at this point there’s not a ton new under the sun. Puzzle out the mass of gas coming out the muzzle of a gun, the volume required to deaden its report and lessen its recoil is fairly rote. That said, engineers can play with geometry a bit, particularly the baffles’, to tweak a can in some interesting ways. Which is the case with the new OSS RAD 9 and RAD 45 suppressors.


The heart of the system is the manufacturer’s Flow-Baffle technology, a system that goes a great way to making suppressed shooting much more pleasurable. Essentially, what OSS calls a “Flow-Through” system utilizes radial grooves on the exterior of the baffles to route expanding gases forward through the suppressor and away from the shooter. In short, the RAD 9 and RAD 45 mitigates dreaded blowback, where gases travel reward through the firearm. An issue, because it’s distracting and noisy.

While the Flow-Through system isn’t a new concept, OSS is among the companies that have perfected it in the past decade. And it’s especially tricky, given a certain amount of blowback necessary for a handgun to function.

“We began development of the 9 and 45 after the launch of our popular rimfire suppressor, the RAD 22,” said David Sanders, Director of Research and Development. “As most pistol owners know, you need some blowback for your pistol to function. So, the design challenge was to mitigate the blowback increase when suppressed while maintaining superior pistol performance. We’ve done it with these two new RADs.”

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As their names suggest, the RAD 9 and RAD 45 are caliber-specific—9mm/.300 Blackout and .45 ACP respectively—an offer more than a unique noise/gas reduction system. Additionally, the cans are modular, giving shooters the ability to configure the suppression system to the objectives at hand. The RAD 9 goes from 7.7 inches at full length down to 5.15 inches, while the RAD 45 is modifiable from 8.6 to 6.4 inches. Weight-wise, both are fairly manageable with the 9mm suppressor tipping the scales at 9.1 ounces in its largest configuration and the .45 10.3 ounces. As for noise reduction, both do a solid job. In their full configurations, the RAD 9 is rated for 129 dB at the muzzle and the RAD 45 136 dB,

RAD 45 disassembled

The suppressors are feature stainless-steel baffles and a black Cerakote finished titanium tube. Making them compatible with a host of firearms, the RAD 9 and RAD 45 have an adaptable mounting system that does not require a fixed barrel spacer. Both booster pistons and fixed thread mounts are available for the suppressors. Price-wise, the RAD 9 has an MSPR of $849 and the RAD 45 an MSRP of $999.

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