Top 10 Reasons to Join a Prepper Group

Survival In The Wild
Top 10 Reasons to Join a Prepper Group. We discuss reason and pitfalls of being part of a mutual assistance group for Survival. Big thanks to Robbie Wheat from Wheaton Arms for joining us!

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1. Peace of mind: Mental and Emotional Support
2. Mutual Assistance: MAG
3. Share Common Concerns
4. Security
5. Intel
6. Skills : Share Medical, Gardening, Mechanical, Security
7. Friendships
8. Training
9. People are an Asset


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1. Leadership: Overbearing
2. Suitable Members: Personality/Character
3. Everyone has a voice
4. Conflicts
5. Non committed
6. Opsec : Loose Lips Sink Ships
7. Ideals against your beliefs or Goals
8. People Leaving Area
9. Outsiders
10.Lack of needed Skills

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