Missouri: Committee Hearing Self-Defense Bills

Gun Rights

On February 1st, the House General Laws Committee will hear House Bill 52 and House Bill 212, to reduce arbitrary boundaries where law-abiding citizens are left defenseless. Please contact committee members and ask them to SUPPORT HB 52 and HB 212.

House Bill 52 removes the prohibition on law-abiding citizens carrying firearms for self-defense on public transit property and in vehicles. In addition, it allows law-abiding citizens to transport unloaded or non-functioning firearms on buses. This repeals an arbitrary “gun-free zone” that does nothing to hinder criminals while leaving law-abiding citizens defenseless. It ensures that citizens with varying commutes throughout their day and of various economic means are able to exercise their Second Amendment rights and defend themselves.

House Bill 212 specifies that lawful owners of firearms may transport or store the firearms in locked, privately-owned motor vehicles without fear of civil liability, criminal liability, or employer retribution. Throughout the country, many employers and business owners have adopted “No Firearms” policies that extend beyond the physical workplace or building to include parking lots – areas often accessible to the general public and not secure. In order to comply with these policies, many law-abiding gun owners must choose between protecting themselves during their commutes and being subject to termination by their employer. The fundamental right to self-defense should not stop simply because you park your car in a publicly accessible parking lot owned by your employer or a business owner.

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Again, please contact committee members and ask them to SUPPORT HB 52 and HB 212.

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