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A Letter to the Editor that consists mainly of “threatening people who are not threatening them is illegal” does suggest enforcing gun laws would make us safer. https://tucson.com/opinion/letters/letter-gun-control/article_3961ec64-13aa-11eb-b973-1bc2b9d90c20.html

So what is the problem with enforcing gun laws? The immediate problem is is that the laws punish the law abiding gun owners, while ignoring the criminals who cause the problemss society has with firearms facilitated crime. This is much like giving those who have an accident a $5,000 award, but charging those who do not $2,000 a year for driving safely.

The next problem is that without exception, restrictive gun laws make criminals feel safer, leading to more criminals carrying stolen and trafficked guns availabe through underworld connections for as little as $50. Which leads to a spectacular rise in firearms facilitated crime.

And in the long term, laws that create lists of gun owners such as Permits To Purchase, background checks, notification of police, and other schemes to list gun owners is a favorite tool of dictators such as Hugo Chavez, Fidel Castro, Idi Amin, Francisco Franco, Benito Mussolini, and many others.

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The result is wholesale murder as the governemt goes into the “slaughter those who might resist” mode. Dr. Rudolph Rummel’s work on Democide , murder by the victims government, is at this link.https://www.hawaii.edu/powerkills/NOTE1.HTM

When governments go in the murder business, the death toll can grow to astonishing numbers. Dr. Rummels original work, linked above, details only part of the total number of murder victims. The last count I have been advised of listed 304 million, 304,000,000, fictims of d Democide since 1900, most after roundups enabled by gun registration data.

So the consequences of gun control are terrible, both immediately and after a dictator begins to establish his or her regime.

On the other hands, the actual benefits of restrictive gun laws that target the criminal make such laws desirable. But they do not fit the plans of those who intend t snatch power and keep it, regardless of how the disarmed subjects fumr.


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