Biden Demands End To Provate Possession of “Weapons Of War”

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Responding to the ambush shooting, with handguns, of two California deputies, Anti-Gun Party candidate for President Joe Biden demanded an end to private possession of “weapons of war, and more.

Biden would no remember the surge in police officers murdered on duty after the Gun Control Act of 1968 was enacted as a part of an omnibus crime bill. Here is a chart that clearly shows the effect of the laws Biden clais would reduce crime and send the “peaceful protestors” the Anti-Gun Party supports home:


The Red columns on the right shows the beginning of the rise in officers murdered on duty as a result of the latest gun ban campaign, of which Biden has played his usual part of advocate The same part he has played since he stopped talking about how much he loves the Second Amendment, more than 40 years ago. The peak year for 21st Century officers murdered was 67, in

If the “peaceful protestors” have their way, that total may b exceeded this year as the “peaceful protestors” demand for revolution, disarming the people, and installing the billionaire who seems to be bankrolling the “protestors” increases.

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But mark Biden down as at least a Fellow Traveller, someone who would gladly cooperate in disarming the free people.


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