Too Expensive for a Gasifier Wood Stove?

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Today Luke is reviewing the Solo Stove Lite & 900ml Pot Combo.
What are the pros and cons?
Is it worth your hard earned money?

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Price : $105 on Amazon

Weight Kit : 17.6oz (just over a pound in other words)

Weight of Stove : 8.3 oz

Weight of Pot : 8.6oz

Weight of Storage Bags : .5oz

Sizes : Multiple Sizes available for the stove and also for pots – but they aren’t available in kits.

Individual Costs Lite Stove : $65

Individual Costs 900 Pot : $35

Materials : Both are made from 304 Stainless Steel

Height of Stove : 5.7”

Width of Stove : 4.25”

Stove Features :

Gasifier Stove

The Lite operates on small twigs and sticks, or an alcohol burner, to fuel the fire while the air intake holes on the bottom pull air in towards the fuel source. While air is being pulled in, the double-wall construction allows air to be heated up and fed through the top vents providing an extra boost of pre-heated oxygen, creating a secondary combustion. With this, you’ll get a hotter fire with less smoke!

Pot Features :

Easy to use lid with a rubber coated lift tab (lockable in the upright position)

Pour spout for easy pouring

Double fold out handles

Volume markings in oz and mL

Black nylon stuff sack with drawstring

Stove Review Pros :

Excellent quality

Very efficient

Produces very little smoke even with damp materials

Easy to use and fun as well.

Reasonable size; not the smallest when it comes to gasifier stoves

Gasification process can begin quickly but it will depend on the dryness of your materials.

Enough storage bags are included so that there is very little noise when carrying the system together and you don’t have to worry about the inside of the pot getting dirty nor your gear.

I’ve had no issues in terms of quality with the storage bags

Stove Review Cons :

Pot supports are slick and I have had issues with sliding pots; with this stove, having it on flat surface is very important.

The biggest con for this stove is price; yes the quality is excellent, the design is excellent, it is efficient but there are many gasifier stoves on the market today with many of them being less than $25.

This is a natural aspect of all wood burning stoves; it takes work and it takes time. Do you want to collect fuel and feed the stove; that is up to you. Such stoves are much slower to use than your average canister stove and that needs to be considered; for myself, when I am on the trail, there are times where I want to wake up, pack up, boil water for coffee and go but that isn’t going to happen with such a stove. You will have to collect unless you did so previously and take time feeding the stove until your water is ready to go.

Another con for such stoves is that efficiency will vary depending on numerous factors; you aren’t guaranteed to boil water at a certain time nor will you have a consistent level of heat throughout your cooking experience. It can be difficult to achieve a consistent hot flame.

Can be tricky to light – matches make this easier. If you materials aren’t bone dry, a fire starter will make your life easier; a cotton ball with Vaseline works well.

While the stove is efficient it will leave your pot very dirty and you need to be prepared for storing this in your pack.

You could always do the soap and water treatment trick for easier cleanup but you are making the pot slick which doesn’t bode well with an already slick system.

In windy situations, a wind screen is recommended as performance of the stove will be hindered in adverse conditions.

Weight : this isn’t going to be as light weight as some canister stoves and a can of fuel.

Pot Pros and Cons :

Works well with the Solo Stove Lite; nestles without any issues

pour spout relieves steam as well as pouring liquid

Overall I really like the design of the pot and there isn’t much to complain about.

Handles can become hot, so be careful.

Good lid grab tab

Summary :

All in all I really like the Solo Stove Lite; it’s a high quality product and is one of those which I have no problem recommending. The price is a bit high and this is not a product that is going to be for everyone and it will never replace the place of a canister stove.

Good for backpacking, camping, kayaking trips and even emergency use. Not well used for long distance hikers or those who want to go light and quick. Those in wet environments may not want to consider a different stove type.

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