My Quest for the Best Concealed Carry Holster Ended With This One

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Like many people, my search for the best concealed carry holster was a long one. I tried several different holsters looking for the perfect way to carry my CCW pistol comfortably all day. When I tried a HAWG Holsters IWB holster, I knew I had found the perfect concealed carry holster for me. The HAWG Holsters kydex holster gives me excellent retention for my pistol but allows me to draw the gun quickly if I need to. The UltiClip used on all HAWG Holsters lets me carry the holster securely with or without a belt and makes it safe and simple to put the holster on or take it off. It also offers maximum concealability because there are no loops or clips over my belt to show. As I said in the video, HAWG Holsters owner and craftsman John Abbott has not only become a financial sponsor of the channel but also a very good friend.

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