Forbes Claims The Mayors Of Chicago And Seattle Claim If Trump Wanted To Help, He Would Pass Gun Control Legislation

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Forbes is, in the words of the Socialists, a “running dog for gun control.” Forbes repeats the gun ban industry line, using Chicago and Seattle’s mayors to carry the message.

The message from Lori Lightfoot is familiar. The mayor of a city where you cannot legally buy, and only a few manage to legally own a gun reportedly demands universal background checks – without a whisper of action against the gun traffickers who fill Chicago;s streets with armed 12 year old gang members.

Seattle;s mayor wants Universal Background Checks, according to Forbs, along with an end to the sale of “high capacity magazines.”

And all this without a passing word about the history of Universal background checks, nor the slightest whisper about the utter failure of gun control laws to provide anything a sane person would consider a benefit.

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Clearly, Forbes scrivener has nto bothered to check out the results of existing gun laws, where 800 percent increases in violent crime after the victim class is gun controlled are common.

In act, Chicago itself provides a fine example of the results of gun control. When Forbes first hitched its wagon to a gun control star in 193. Chicago had one of the lowest homicie rates of American cities – and more than 800 licensed gun dealers.

With the gun control campaign, violent crime increased in a near straight line fashion until 1968 when Illinois’ FOID law took effect and the rise in crime went near vertical.

And now, shutting down the police to protect the predatory criminal class has turned Chicago’s law abiding majority into the victim class, whose lives depend on the dubious mercy of the protected criminal class. And Forbes is willing to go along with laws and fiats that have failed to reduce crimes or make anyone safer more than 25,200 tomes in 202 years.

Such uninformed “journalism” does nothing for the reputation of the media outlets carrying water for a variety of Socialism that protects criminals while it makes victims of the law abiding.


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