Is DC Facing Another Gun Control Lawsuit?

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TownHall reports the District of Columbia may face another lawsuit over its gun laws, by the same man who has won one lawsuit already.

As a practical matter, Washington set the bar for gun ownership so high that few will pay the price and take the trouble to comply. This is a problem for those law abiding citizens who must go to great trouble to buy and keep a gun 0 but is no problem at all to the criminals who can buy a stolen and trafficked gun on almost any street corner.

When Gun Control hit Washington, during the winter of 1963-64, Washington had a population of 808,000. But high crime rates and interminable waits for a *11 response have driven people out of the city, to the point Washington’s current population is only 705,749. Crime has driven more than one eighth of the population to emigrate for safer places.

Speaking of safety, in 1964, the District had just 81 murders and, for an American city a very high 10.5 murders per 100,000 population, After guns were banned, the homicide rate soared to a ” Third World” rate of 80.6 per 100,000 in 1991. And in this year 2020, the District has already had 123 murders, pointing to a resurgence in crime to between 180 and 220 murders this year.

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The chart below shows the violent crime rate, and the results of gun control, which allows violent criminals to arm themselves with stolen guns, while the law abiding are disarmed and unable to defend themselves.

Gun Control has done enormous damage to the District, and to cities across America, where criminals seem to be allowed to arm themselves and run wild, whil law abiding citizens have their guns made illegal, leaving the working class as the victim class.


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