Chicago, Bloody Chicago, Where You Cannot Buy A Gun, and Few Can Get A Permit To Possess – 48 Shot, 8 Dead

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The weekend is not over, but FX News reports there have already been 48 people shot, with 8 dead so far.

The history of gun control in Chicago shows it to have been a murderous and futile attempt by restricting the law-abiding majority’s access to firearms, while permitting and in some cases encouraging the traffic in stolen guns that fuels the crimial underworld. The chart below shows the homicide rate back to the 1870’s and the results of anti-carry legislation in 1905, and the modern gun control drive beginning in 1963:

Starting on the left, we see the sharp increase in homicide with the imposition of carry laws that were generally ignored in chicago. Then there is a decline for WWI, when the criminally inclined wee busy in France, followed by the murder rates of Prohibition, when the murder rate topped 12 pewr 100,0000 population.

The comes the Depression era decline, when most gun laws were not enforced unless they were in the hands of a criminal such as John Dillenger, the WWII decline and the low crime rates that accompanied the post-war recovery, the bounce as many unskilled workers lost jobs, and a slow increase as organized crime penetrated the City Council and the Mayors office.

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Then comes the five year long period of rising murder and violent crime rates brought on by gun control campaigns, including one }Send the Army and confiscate them all” gun ban campaign. The evil combination of Illinois Firearms Identification Identification system, which ranted permit to purchase and possess firearms resulted in a second and steeper straight line rise to historic violent crime rates.

The icing on the cake was Alderman and “made man” Fred Roti’s gun ban ordinance, which banned guns unless they were grandfathered in. The result was to completely end resistance to crime in poorer neighborhoods and send violent crime rates over the moon.

While few of the victims filed complaints with the police, the reported homicide total in a city of almost four million population topped 1,000, with a reported rate far below reality.

So today, a much

shrunken city is apparently headed for another 650 murder total for 2020, and those who suggest Federal assistance are told to shut up.

Chicago needs help, but the best help it could get would be to allow the law abiding 96 percent of Chicagoans to defend themselves against criminal aggression and allow them to keep their own streets free of crime.

So long as the law abiding are intimidated by criminals who ignore gun laws as they ignore every other law are armed and the citizens are disarmed, Chicago will be a violent hell hole. And as the chart above shows, that has gone on for far too long.


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