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while fatal childhood gun accidents are down some 94% compared to 1968, and many of what are officially judged an accident by medical examiners Were revealed to be murder or suicide when the case was examined by a knowledgeable investigator, they still happen. Almost entirely in urban neighborhoods where legal guns are nonexistent but stolen and trafficked crime guns are more common than children.

While I cannot help giving the facts, here is how prevalent the CDC’s massive death certificate survey finds – with a cautionary note that this study tends to concentrate on urban areas where legal guns are unknown, and firearms safety training has been forbidden. The actual total is probably a dozen less, but in any event is very small considering the number of children in the US”

In accordance with International Standards this includes children from infancy to their 16th birthday, and the death rate is per 100,000 population. This about to 1 death for every 800,000 children between infancy and their 16th birthday”

The decline in childhood deaths continues, but no one should use a statistical artifact to determine if the provide children a safe environment of not. The rules for home gun storage are simple and usually easy to comply with.

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When there are children in the house guns should be out of reach, yet easily accessible and immediately operable in case of need. some of my friends store a life preserver in top of a valance where it is easy to grab, but impossible for the preschoolers to climb to. To make matters safer, the bedroom door is a keyed entry, and is always locked before children are left with someone in the home.

so the rule for safe storage around children is out of sight, out of reach, with restricted access.

Much the same rules are universal, even when there are no children in the house. Out of sigh of casual visitors, just as if there were small children present.

At the age of five or six children should be taught that if they see a gun they should stop what they are doing and go get an adult. This is a part of the NRA’s Eddie Eagle program, and there are several videos on You Tube that small children will watch for hours that teach children that guns are not toys.

The alternate is featured at Katy Jackson’s, that actually makes children gun wise – but takes more time than a half hour entertainment for kids.

In any event, it is a good idea to teach you people to be marksen as soon as they reach an age when they can physically handle a firearm. That was one of the things that started the ball rolling toward the miniscule fatal firearms accident rate we have.

And finally, there is the problem of storing hunting, target, and collectable guns.

You tube has a good collection of videos on gun safes, that include breaking into most any gun safe in a few minutes. I do not care for gun safes because they are conspicuous, and as the You Tube videos show, far too easily broken in to.

Since anything that materially slows down a gun thief for five minutes will usually send a thief hunting less time consuming pickings. Most woodworking magazines have plans for hidden cupboards, hidden closets, and hidden rooms that can send a thief walking in circles looking for the guns he thinks should be there.

And finally, since reinforced concrete “safe rooms” made for tornado shelters are a bit pricey but can make nearly impregnable space both to shelter the family but to store your guns. You will need to seal the concrete with Dry-Lok, or some other moisture barrier, and a dehumidifier will keep the rust away with very little effort on your part.

On the other hand, one of the hardened cables intended to protect custom Harleys running across the end of a closet can tie up a thief for more than enough time to send him seeking easier loot. You will need a shelf to hold the firearms, a cable at trigger guard height, and a couple of long screw eyes on opposite sides of the closet. If you would like, a piece of hardboard painted to match the closet walls may keep the intruder from ever finding your gun storage at all.

And finally, since “Safe Rooms,” Reinforced concrete rooms intended to survive the most intense tornado that ever was makes a fine gun safe, as well as a safe haven when the winds come up, the sirens sound, and you hear a roaring coming closer.

You will need to seal the room as if it were a swimming pool, insulate the inside walls so it does not become unendurably hot when you are trying to shelter, and a dehumidifier will make your gun cleaning shores a lot lighter.

And that should cover the basics of safe gun storage. There is more, of course, but if you have problems, in finding a place, consider a safe room. Most will survive anything but a close by nuke, so they are a pretty much the ultimate gim safe – unless you happen to own a cave in solid bedrock.


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