Trump Holds 4-Point Edge Over Biden In Florida Rematch: Can Cannabis Tilt The Scale As Majority Says NY Conviction Doesn’t Matter?

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Former President Donald Trump, who secured victories in Florida in both the 2016 and 2020 elections, is favored to win the state again, according to a recent Fox News survey. Despite Florida not being a key battleground state this election cycle, the survey shows President Biden is closing the gap.

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In 2020, Trump won Florida by nearly 3.5 points. The latest poll indicates a similar margin, with Trump at 50% and Biden at 46%, which is within the poll’s margin of error.

Trump’s support base includes the usual suspects: White evangelical Christians (76%), rural voters (66%), White voters (55%), voters without a college degree (54%), men (52%), voters under 30 (51%) and those aged 65 and over (50%).

Biden’s strongholds are: Black voters (69%), moderates (55%), independents (52%), college graduates (51%), urban voters (51%) and suburban voters (49%).

It is also worth noting that Republican voter registration in Florida surpasses Democrats by approximately 900,000, with 90% of both party lines supporting their respective candidates.

Will Cannabis Play A Role?

The Fox survey showed the cannabis legalization ballot amendment up for a November vote garnered 66% approval, with majorities, including Democrats, independents and Republicans all backing the measure.

Where Do The Candidates Stand On Cannabis?

Glad you asked.

Donald Trump has been uncharacteristically mum on his state’s bid for legal weed and marijuana in general. While last spring he said that marijuana does “significant damage,” he acknowledged that “from a voting standpoint, it’s a pretty popular thing.” Soon after that, he told a National Rifle Association meeting that the uptick in mass shootings across the country was “not a gun problem” but rather that “genetically engineered” cannabis was the culprit.

Meanwhile, Biden is still riding the cannabis rescheduling wave – sort of. It seems that the DEA is not quite doing its part to get the legalization show on the road. This, in addition to Florida’s high number of Republican voters, could present a challenge.

Then there’s the DeSantis factor: The Florida governor has a 52% approval rating, down from previous years, but still better than Biden’s 43%.

Whether Democrats can or will invest in winning Florida, given its high costs and the necessity to secure other states, remains a critical question as the election approaches.

One thing we do know is that cannabis has a role to play in Florida and across the country.

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