‘What a joke’: Internet roasts Florida sheriff for deputizing scandal-plagued ex-GOP rep

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Former scandal-plagued Rep. Madison Cawthorn (R-NC), now living in the Fort Myers, Florida area, proudly announced this month that he has been made an honorary deputy by the local sheriff.

“Such an honor from leesheriff Carmine Marceno to be sworn in as an honorary deputy in the county that I live in,” Cawthorn wrote on Instagram. “Local, constitutional, law enforcement that answers to the people is what our founders intended. The Lee County sheriff’s office puts the fear of God into those who wish ill on our community. Excited to serve! There is a reason crime is so low in SWFL, it’s because our law enforcement is allowed to do their job and they execute flawlessly. (I know I was not locking out on the pull ups, but you’re just going to have to get over that)”

After former GOP strategist Ron Filipkowski flagged this development, commenters on social media exploded with mockery and outrage, given that Cawthorn — who lasted just one term in office before the GOP threw him under the bus — has a lengthy history of legal misadventures, from multiple instances of trying to carry a gun through airport security, to crashing into a patrol car and injuring a state trooper.

“Ultimate Florida Man going on there,” wrote the account @A_tothe_Z_ Amber.

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“And I couldn’t have been hired as a LE officer because I smoked pot a few times as a teenager?” wrote the account @MatthewDigby22. “What a f–king joke.”

“Carmine Merceno is a traitor to the U.S. Merceno last month told those moving to Florida who don’t change their views from liberal to ‘go back’ to their states of origin,” wrote the account @Bmanlegoboy. “Guess what, Merceno? I’m moving to Florida next year and my views ain’t changing. F–k you.”

“Meanwhile in FL, where he runs free, you can shoot people & its fine, dirty cops, can’t protest anything or you can be runover w/o consequences, book bans, etc,” wrote the account @chartjulian.

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