Attorney General Wrigley Issues Statement on Supreme Court’s Nra V. Vullo Decision

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The United States Supreme Court unanimously ruled in favor of the National Rifle Association in its case against a New York state official for allegedly coercing regulated financial entities to terminate their relationships with the NRA to suppress the NRA’s pro-firearm advocacy.

North Dakota Attorney General Drew Wrigley, along with 23 other states’ Attorneys General and the Arizona legislature, filed an amicus brief in April urging the Supreme Court reverse an appeals court ruling that effectively gave New York officials the ability to stifle the NRA’s First Amendment-protected speech by threatening increased regulatory pressure on financial institutions that did business with them.

“Freedom to criticize government policy is at the heart of America’s founding. The United States Supreme Court unanimously recognized that New York’s actions eroded First Amendment protections for political speech, paving the way for government suppression,” stated Attorney General Wrigley. “With this ruling, the Supreme Court has helped to rectify the wrongs perpetrated against the NRA by New York officials who appear to have abused their regulatory powers to threaten financial institutions that did business with a policy group they disfavored.”

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