Supreme Court backs NRA; ruling could impact future cases

Gun Rights

On Thursday, The Supreme Court unanimously backed The National Rifle Association in a First Amendment ruling that could make it harder for state regulators to pressure advocacy groups.

“It’s about our First Amendment right in this country to free speech,” said Betsy Brantner Smith, Spokesperson for The National Police Association.

The ruling allows the NRA to continue its lawsuit against New York official Maria Vullo, who urged insurance companies to cut ties with the gun rights groups following the mass shooting in Parkland, Florida in 2018.

It should not interfere with anyone’s First Amendment right,” Branter Smith said.

First Amendment expert Clay Calvert said that this ruling is significant because it will likely impact Murthy v. Missouri. The case alleges that the Biden Administration persuaded certain social media companies to take down posts related to COVID-19 and election integrity.

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“To remove content that questioned the efficacy of things like mask mandates and Covid vaccines,” Calvert said.

Calvert said Thursday’s ruling was a much more clear-cut case. Murthy v. Missouri will likely be more complicated.

“It’s much more likely to divide the justices along perceived ideological lines,” Calvert said.

But he said the court’s ruling this week, that coercion is unlawful, will help set the tone for this next case.

Informal censorship, the Supreme Court made clear today, can be just as dangerous as formal censorship,” said Calvert.

Oral arguments in Murthy v. Missouri were heard in March. A ruling will likely be made sometime this summer.

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