The Morning Briefing: Leftists Continue to Try and Normalize Deviants and Criminals

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Happy Thursday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. Fylgraenth didn’t think through how much time he’d have to spend convincing people that his gentlemen goat herding and artisanal jerky had nothing to do with each other.


When people like me wax nostalgic about olden times in American politics, we’re not making things up. There was a time in this country’s not-too-distant past when people from all over the political spectrum could vehemently disagree on policy and the direction of the country and then — I kid you not — stop talking about all of that and enjoy knocking back a few for a while. 

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I’ve had the added experience of being conservative in the entertainment industry, so I’ve always been the salmon swimming upstream. Most of my closest friends in comedy were avowed leftists. 

I’m not saying we were one big happy family that couldn’t stop singing “Kumbaya,” but we made it work. 

Then, 2016 happened, and the Democrats decided to let their inner children and inner demons go on a play date. 

In 2020, one of my cousins and I were having lunch. He’s a lefty and sincerely asked what I thought of Trump. I admitted I was ambivalent about him when he first got into office, but he grew on me. Even if he hadn’t, I said that I’d still be voting for him, “Because everyone on your side has lost their minds.” 

And that was before the George Floyd Summer of Mostly Peaceful Riots, Looting, and Love. Then all of the “Defund the Police” and Soros prosecutors insanity began. Prior to that time, I had deliberately avoided defaulting to calling people on the other side of the political aisle “crazy.” They really got crazy then, didn’t they? Like, pants-wetting-frothing-at-the-mouth-screaming-in-the-streets crazy. The Dems had always been a little off, but they went next level in 2020.


Since then, it’s been a parade of drag queen story hours for little kids and violent criminals being released just so they can be violent again. There were a couple of stories yesterday that illustrated the leftist penchant for normalizing the worst among us. One of them came from Europe, but leftists are a global hive mind. 

The first one is from something that Grayson wrote:

Illinois, the Land of Lincoln, has just passed a bill in both chambers of its legislature replacing the term “offenders” with “justice-impacted individuals.”

Euphemism is a key component in the Left’s mainstreaming of criminals. That’s how “illegal immigrants” became “migrants” in the mainstream media. “Offenders” is perfectly descriptive in this case. “Justice-impacted individuals” is designed to make the reader or listener tune out. If they do continue paying attention, it sounds benign. 

Leftists will dismiss this as a minor thing, but the accumulation of the seemingly minor things plays a big role in the ongoing assault on the Constitution and the rule of law. 

Our story from across the Atlantic comes from Kevin

The left-leaning German Parliament just voted to lower the possession of child pornography from a felony to a misdemeanor in a move that, as I see it, is the exact thing the “let’s normalize pedophilia” crowd would do.

Now is a good time to remind you that kiddie molesters are also trying to destigmatize their abhorrent behavior by rebranding themselves as minor-attracted persons (MAP) or youth-attracted persons (YAP). I guess the last thing we as a society want to do is shame an adult who brutalizes kids.


There have been similar efforts in the United States for years to do things in this vein. As I said, they’re all on the same page. 

Now, whenever people like me point out that this is beyond the pale, we’re accused of “pouncing.” It’s not that the disgusting people are disgusting; it’s that meanies like me have mentioned it. Also, probably, racism, homophobia, and let’s just throw xenophobia in there because I’m disparaging pervert Germans today. 

I am history’s greatest monster. 

The Left’s obsession with cozying up to the seedy and dangerous elements in society is incredibly disturbing. They can blame Trump all they want for the powder keg political tension in America, but their embrace of predators and murderers is really what’s killing the vibe at Thanksgiving dinner. 

Great, now I want stuffing. 

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