Top NRA positions rumored to be sought by Kristi Noem have been filled

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Whether Gov. Kristi Noem will be nominated to be Donald Trump’s vice president is something we may not know until the Republican National Convention this July.

But there’s another job opening that had been linked to Noem that she certainly won’t be getting: a top-level position at the National Rifle Association.

An Axios story from earlier this month reported that sometime late last year, Noem had called Wayne LaPierre, the organization’s former CEO and executive vice president who resigned in January, to pitch herself as a replacement for either of those positions.

Axios cited two unnamed sources in the story, though Noem spokesman Ian Fury told the publication that the governor had not spoken with LaPierre and that, “She loves her job as Governor of South Dakota.”

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And indeed, Noem will not be serving in either of those roles. The NRA’s board elected former Congressman Bob Barr to be their president, and Doug Hamlin to serve as CEO and executive vice president.

Noem last year signed an executive order at the NRA’s annual convention, blocking state agencies from contracting with large banks that discriminate against firearm-related industries.

The most recent national connection drawn between her and gun use though has been the story in “No Going Back” where she outlines shooting and killing her 14-month-old dog named Cricket, as well as a goat, which has drawn widespread criticism and earned her several parodies on “Saturday Night Live.”

It’s unclear what affect this may actually have on her chances as a vice president candidate, but political experts have said the book’s controversy may have tanked what chance she previously had at the role.

Noem was named on Trump’s shortlist of contenders earlier this year.

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