Rhode Island: House Expected To Vote on Mandatory Storage Bill This Week

Gun Rights

Anti-gun politicians in the Rhode Island House are planning to pass yet another infringement on your constitutional rights this week. On Thursday, the House Judiciary Committee will meet and vote on H.7373

H.7373 forces gun owners to store their firearms under lock and key or face the consequences. This “one size fits all” approach puts law-abiding citizens at a disadvantage when seconds matter, tipping the scales in favor of home invaders in self-defense situations.

Earlier this Spring, hundreds of Rhode Island gun owners showed up to testify against this bill and many others. This is the last chance to make your voice heard to encourage your elected officials to oppose this dangerous legislation. H.7373 has already passed the Senate and now is dangerously close to landing on the Governor’s desk.    

Contact your Representative using the Take Action button below and respectfully request a “no” vote on H.7373. Additionally, make sure you, your friends, fellow club members, family, and co-workers are all registered to vote and turn out in November to retire those who have continued to trample on your rights.

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